Case Study: Gargotte


Gargotte was a new exciting concept created by an incredibly talented Michelin star chef called Johan Labassa (Co-owner of Labassa Woolfe) who wanted to introduce his French flare to the London scene through his passion for food and flavour.


Johan wanted Gargotte to be a representation of his passion and love for food and mirror his style. He had a big vision for Gargotte but needed a creative direction for that vision and that is where we came in.

Johan shared the vision with us in great detail, he wanted a striking video which would tell the story of how Gargotte was born and engage with his audience. Gargotte sources up to 50% of the meat, wine and cheese from Johan’s family farms in the South of France. We felt that talking about this in the video was important as people would be experiencing the most authentic cuisine straight from his family farms. The video also needed to show his passion for cooking and his experience as a top Michelin star chef for over 10 years working in some of France’s best restaurants, so we got to work. We carefully planned and intricately crafted a video which captured the concept beautifully and brought his vision to life through film.

Another part of the vision was to create a place where people could go to, to buy their products no matter where they were in the world. An e-commerce store was created and we captured all the media to go into the website, the website also allowed them to upload their products, take bookings online, so their customers could access their food and wine menus before visiting, this was very important. 

What we did

We produced Gargotte an exciting promotional video and captured all the media within the website from food photography to product shots. We also designed and build them a brand new bespoke e-commerce store so they could take reservations online and sell their products across the world. 


The video received over 6,000 views in 3 days of being live on social media. Since launch of the website in October 2018, there has been over 11k website visits, over 600 reservations made directly from the website and well over 15k worth of sales through the website.