The $500,000 Pitch Video…



Into The Wild (ITW) are a lifestyle hospitality brand based in Los Angeles, they were seeking an investment of $500,000 to bring their new brand to life incorporating street food, art, co-working and networking spaces in disused warehouse spaces. The video had to demonstrate to investors how ITW were going to transform the street food space as well as introduce new work opportunities into the industry. We got to work on creating the perfect pitch video that demonstrated ITW’s passion and bulletproof business concept. Since street food originated in the US in the 17th century we knew we had to capitalize on that and show the renewed value that ITW were bringing into the street food space as well as all of the other elements of the business. 


The brief was a lot more complex and needed the entire creative team involved in the process. ITW needed to secure $500,000 investment in the US to open 3 venues in LA in 5 years. We had to create a pitch video that tapped into the US culture. 

The Ideas, Film, Delivery and Results…

We spent several weeks developing the story direction for the video. We then developed a storyboard, script and visuals in order to create the right tone for the pitch video. The video had to keep investors entertained long enough to absorb the entire concept it needed substance. So we used drone footage, vibrant crowd shots of people in street food markets in London & LA. Produced a western scene in our studio and packed the video full of industry statistics, figures, incredible b-roll captured from over 15 locations and loads of stills from locations to really bring this pitch video to life. Pitch videos need to be punchy and to the point, they must be exciting and clear. They require a high level of concentration, the video had to follow a consistent tempo in order to entertain investors and spark interest in investing $500,000. 

The ITW team ventured out to LA and pitched the concept to investors. The video was viewed more than 15,000 times in 3 days and had several offers from investors. 

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