Speakers Associates represent some of the worlds biggest speakers around the globe. They had plans to launch their first virtual #wewontstoptalking speaker summit in April 2020 with 8 of the most inspirational, diverse and immensely clever thought leadership speakers in the world. 


They needed a creative media agency with imagination, vision, and post-production skills to aid in transforming this project into a powerful video showreel tool which would be used to promote future virtual summits. The project was about bringing digital to the forefront and leveraging their network of highly credible speakers to give individual talks about their particular industry sharing insight and useful tips that the audience viewing could take away and use in their businesses to increase their digital growth. 

we won't stop talking campaign virtual summit convid-19

The Ideas, Video, Delivery and Results…

We know what makes a video captivating and impactful, we needed to make this virtual summit video stand-out and be noticed. So we spent several days editing the full 2+ hour virtual summit video adjusting the colour, sound and flow of the video to ensure it was engaging, vibrant and flowed well. We branded the videos and added all speakers credentials and kept the tempo of the video high.

Social Media Video – We are big believers in creating social media video (s) from longer form content to appeal to social audience (s). So we created a short 2:00 minute social media video from this long-form video to support promoting the video on social networks and ramping up the interaction. 

Over 1,600 attendees tuned in to watch the summit from all over the world it was a huge success and has transformed Speaker Associates digital presence. 

Social Version

Full Length Video

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