The £250,000 Pitch Winning Video…



Work Club HQ were a relativity new start-up business that had transformed the co-working space by introducing a range work spaces in underused and underutilised buildings around London. They made being a mobile worker, a startup struggling to afford office space and SME’s better off with more affordable and convenient spaces to work from in and around London. They were at a critical point of expansion and were seeking investment of £250,000 to aid them in securing more locations in London. They needed story direction and a strong pitch video to tell their story in a captivating way and share their vision of a Wework like concept only more affordable and less corporate. 


The brief was simple; create us a pitch video that helps secure a £250,000 investment on Crowdcude and you have 2 weeks to do it. The deadline was indeed tight, but we knew we could produce them something exceptional, we are well experienced in creating outstanding content in small timeframes.

Work Club wanted pitch video which not only illustrated their vision but also energized the investors so much so, that they would invest £250,000 into their business. Our approach was to create a pitch video that really emphasized the need for more affordable co-working spaces like Work Club in a way that was creative and direct.

The Ideas, Film, Delivery and Results…

A number of pitches were drafted so Work Club had a few choices. The pitch videos aim was bring to life the demand for this type of service in London; it also had to be engaging, entertaining, and fun.

Upon producing the pitch video, we thought it would be a good idea to include some intricate shots of the website in action finding locations in London to work from, additionally some graphics (GFX) were added to highlight and draw attention to that key market research and statistics.

Within 4 days of the campaign going live, WorkClub had secured their target of £250k. We were able to create such a powerful and convincing video simply because the business works. We had all the proof, we just needed to be able to present that proof in an exciting fashion we did that through a video that excited and motivated investors to get involved. 

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