Victor (William Levy) is a handsome, intelligent, bold and seductive man, but he has a secret: he is a hitman, who was trained to kill without compassion. When he visits the house of a brutal drug dealer to collect the money for his most recent crime, he encounters the beautiful Sarai (Alicia Sanz), who has been kidnapped for the last 9 years for the feared trafficker. When Victor leaves, Sarai takes the opportunity to escape, hiding in his car. But things do not go as she plans, and instead of finding her way home and freeing herself from an evil man, Sarai will be caught in the grip of another’s seduction. In the escape of the drug dealer and his allies, Victor has a crisis of conscience and risks everything to protect his captive. After all, the attraction between Sarai and Victor and the way he has bewitched, can push her into the arms of a murderer.