How To Build a Social Media Road Map For 6-12 Months.

Social Media Road Map 6-12 Months

For all brands who are putting more focus and emphasis behind their content creation and digital output must understand that they need to develop a 6-12 month social media strategy with attention on spinning and rotating the media they create for different audience types on each social media platform!

A strong social media strategy has to be well defined, audience driven, data enhanced and laser focused. Map out the content as per the social media platform, remember to differentiate the content as per social media platform. Also remember you need to be building more engagement with your target audience (s) so ensure you are using Google analytics to help you define and understand your audience better and paint a clearer picture of your ROI (return on investment) from your marketing/advertising efforts so you can better allocate resources in future campaigns.

Social media road maps do not need to be complicated, in fact they need to be the opposite. Keep it clear and simple and stray away from trying to make it overcomplicated as you will never use it. Aim to post 3 pieces of content per week across all of your social networks. Not all content is going to be suitable across every platform thats why it’s essential to define what content is going where before hand.

You can use the template to build a month to month strategy. What you are downloading is the template for month to month content plotting.


Content Type = Picture, video, animation, case study, blog, podcast etc.

Content Piece = What is it going to be about, highlight the name of the project piece here so you can easily define it in the map e.g. Nike Case Study, Nike Pro Video, John Smith Podcast About Branding etc.

Audience Type = Who is this piece of content being aimed towards… Which audience type e.g. tech audience, male 18-24 year old beer buyers who typically purchase products after seeing ad on Instagram at 4pm, blog readers who convert after reading our content etc.

Paid Organic = Is the post going to be solely organic or will it have some paid means behind it. If it has both just put a defined figure of how much budget you will allocate towards the post. Also when it comes to seeing if paid performed better than organic or vise verser you can put % of how many customers converted from the paid advertising as a pose to the organic customers. Converted – 40% Organic / 60% Paid.

Social Networks = Tick the ones that are going to have that particular piece of content posted on the network.

UTM String (Google Analytics) = You need to get into the habit of tracking all of your posts in more detail so ensure you build UTM parameters around each post. How To Build UTM Strings For Campaigns

Engagement = How many likes, comments, shares & subscribes you got from that piece of content. If the number is high then you can further review how successful it was through Google Analytics and reuse some of the tactics for future posts.

Key Steps In Building A Social Media Roadmap:

  1. Understand your WHY! What value can your audience get from your product & services and WHY should they listen to you. Often brands forget about WHY they are even in business. Defer back to your principles and WHY you exist that will help with better clarity around what your digital output should be.
  2. Define your audience (s) and understand who exactly you are targeting your products & services towards. Refrain from wasting marketing budget, time and resources throwing messages out to those who do not care and are not interested in your what brand does or offers.
  3. Make the content authentic & engaging. Try and stray away from boring, heavy long-format content unless you have built shorter form content that you can use to leverage engagement and focus towards the longer-format content.
  4. Dig deep & really focus on exactly what your brand is missing from its content. For example if you have had a drop in sales find out why you are loosing customers, where they are dropping off on your website and why they are not converting. We know that times now are difficult however you can still retain good sales drive if you can use your content to re-engage and excite your audience into buying your products & services again, you gotta be smart about it!
  5. Give back! It is not always about what you can gain, why not set up a day a month to have a live webinar, seminar, podcast and/or blog go live giving tons of useful tips out in your industry this will help bridge the appreciation gap & show that you are willing to give out value for free!
  6. Get planning & using this template as a guide to your social media strategy!

“Marketing is about values, this is a very complicated world, it’s a very noisy world and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. So we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us”. Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple a $1 trillion company.

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