Labassa Woolfe a bespoke suit tailors needed a website revamp and a promotional video created to generate more emphasis around the brand. They wanted to promote their business to help engage with their target audience so we created them a bespoke e-commerce site with a new exciting vibrant design and clean look with strong emphasis on the quality of their suits, shoes, perfumes and styling services. 


Labassa Woolfe wanted to tell everyone about their unique style, so we came up with a video concept that did just that. The video focused on highlighting the intricate work they did from designing men’s suits to how they customize garments. The website idea was to create something different, interesting and dynamic. Design wise, we took a photo of the iconic desk that Joe Woolfe uses to consult clients, design suits and tailor on, we felt like this was more impactful as this is the place where clients spend extended amounts of time choosing their suits, shoes, perfumes, shirts etc. The idea was to focus more on building online sales through the website and also encourage clients to book styling appointments with Joe Woolfe (Co-owner of Labassa Woolfe and lead stylist). We got to work on creating them an e-commerce store.

Labassa Woolfe Candle

What we did

We created them a elegant promo video featuring Joe Woolfe, talking about how he created and crafted the brand, his passion and what drives his creativity and style. Labassa Woolfe are very ethical with the types of fabrics they use typically using organic and vegan fabrics like bamboo, we wanted to highlight that in the video. The website had to mirror the elegance and the look of the brand and help tell the story so we carefully created Labassa Woolfe a stunning e-commerce website.


The video we created Labassa Woolfe received over 9,000 views in 1 week of being on social media. Since the launch of the website in June 2019, there has been over 5k website visits, 200 styling appointments made with Joe Woolfe and well over 30k worth of sales through the website from purchases and styling appointments.