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Whether you are creating digital content for a blog, YouTube, social media or any other channel you own, you need to take into account four important considerations:

Relevance – Delivering content by device, location and user preferences to create effective personalized experiences

Consistency – Providing every customer on every channel with a unified voice that conveys a clear brand identity and message

Creativity – Making a unique and unexpected customer experience

Speed to market – Creating campaigns that can be launched quickly with efficient workflows and content tools taking into account relevance, consistency and creativity

Creation of multi-channel content that meets these four considerations could take staff hours that they don’t have. You may have to sacrifice one or more of the key considerations above to get your digital content launched on time, making it much less effective.

One way to get around this challenge is by creating an asset library. Put in the hard work to build a foundation of hardworking digital content and reap the rewards for the next twelve months, promoting creative, engaging content and giving your marketing staff the focus and confidence to do what they do best.

The initial time investment to create an asset bank may seem daunting, but in the end, will make the posting process a much smoother one for you, and your team. Since the images and messaging are complete, all you have to do is promote them through your channels, with assets and copy all ready for you. 

That way, marketers spend less time managing content, and more time using the content to build memorable digital experiences that convert customers. Think of all the things you could do with that time – analytics, sourcing more content, learning to use new tools and so much more!

By creating an asset bank you build a better brand experience for your customer, at the same time modernizing how you manage content – streamlining your operations and making each piece of content work harder for your brand. By creating a library like this you will have social, video, display advertising and more at your fingertips ready to post at a moments notice, and maybe you can use it to capitalize on an emerging trend or news story. Additionally, concentrating the creation of the content into a short time frame allows better value for money when developing quality content as an agency can focus the production timescale. 

If you think that all of this sounds great, but you don’t have four weeks to stop what you are doing and create digital content, then Rightlane Productions can help you.

By creating an asset library in collaboration with us we can help you to condense high-end production into a month, and produce high quality assets of your choice. We work with you to save money by producing all of your content in one go, creating content which has high production value, brand consistency and style. 

We understand that flexibility is important, and you may not want to create all of your content in one go. You could create asset banks for a few weeks at a time, or in smaller batches for individual campaigns or events or product launches throughout the year that you know will require a creative, consistent content strategy with minimum input. We can work to your preferences and help you to create asset libraries in weeks/months that can last all year and into the next!

Instead of tendering and hiring various agencies throughout the year on an ad-hoc basis we can help you to create an asset library with a mix of video, studio stills, lifestyle video, animations, graphic design and any other digital assets you require. You will get to know us as a team, and we will get to know you, learning what you like and don’t like and immersing ourselves in your brand to provide digital content that we can all be proud of. 

See some examples of digital assets we have created for other companies including The Naked Collective who we were able to create twelve months worth of content from brief to delivery in under 30 days. Our award winning creative team of photographers, cinematographers, editors & graphic designers have worked with some of the worlds biggest brands, with a collective time in the industry amounting to 80+ years, creating commercials and branded content for movie trailers, music videos and more. Get in touch to see how we can help to develop your brief and create relevant, creative content for your own asset library.

TNC 12 Month Asset Library Produced In 30 Days Case Study:

The Naked Collective