The Power of Post-Production

With more money than ever being spent on producing video content how can businesses repurpose that content to create new stories and save resources?

Post-Production (Editing) Powers

Let’s say you spend $10,000 on a video campaign using a top video production agency and one 2:00 minute video is produced. You then use that video in a campaign and get some conversions, then what? Typically that content is never seen again, but what about repurposing that content to tell new engaging stories? Suddenly that 2:00 minute video could be re-edited and turned into 3-4 short videos for social media. What about making a series of shorter 10/15 second promos of that 2:00 minute video to excite your audience then release the full version on a specific date to build up the suspense?

Let’s start getting creative!

Think about it, if you have tons of footage why not repurpose that footage and turn it into new vibrant content! This approach works extremely well if you want to save resources and strengthen your digital approach with consistent output. One such industry that thrives from this approach is the speaking industry. Typically a speaker showreel often requires tweaks and revamps every 3, 6, 12 months and by leveraging the previous content shot, a showreel can be cut in different ways to create a new flow and footage not previously used can be put into the showreel to give it a new look (we covered this in a previous blog). The same principal applies to any business using video content and a video showreel to promote their work.

The best approach now is short, fast and punchy.

Best Approach:

The best approach now is creating killer 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 second video (s) from unused footage and creating shorter, bitesize promos for longer formatted video (s) to promote them better. You stand a far better chance of gaining higher engagement and interaction rates from your audience (s) as they will see value in your output because it is exciting and you are differentiating your approach (we have touched on creating impactful content in a previous blog).

Check out how we did this exact approach!

Short & Long Form Video Leverage:

Instagram – 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 Seconds…

If you want to attract more engagement on Instagram ensure you create either a 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 second short video version and put the link to the original longer video in your bio. Instagram is designed for short, punchy videos. By leveraging Instagram to attract more users over to your landing page and/or YouTube channel you stand a better chance to build more engagement through watch time, build better sales funnels and increase conversions because users are choosing to interact with your content and follow links to see more longer formatted content… Oh the power of shorter videos.

There is of course IGTV, Instagrams TV platform that allows you to upload and watch longer video. This could be a good option but if you send users towards the longer video (s) on YouTube you can start to monetize the channel and your audience (s).

Tik Tok – 16 Seconds…

The maximum video length on Tik Tok is 60 second, this platform is built for fast video! The average length of the top 100 Tik Tok videos of 2019 was 16 seconds. So if you have a 2:00 video and you want to promote your content through Tik Tok (which you should be considering) you need an editor to work their magic turning 2, 3, 4, 5 minute video (s) into the best 16 seconds possible, perhaps the editor could cut 2-3 versions and those could be shared as part of a mini series (we are full of amazing ideas).

Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube – No Length Restrictions (Don’t Be Greedy)…

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn allow you to upload videos without length restrictions. It is unlikely that anyone is going to sit on your Facebook & LinkedIn watching 40 minutes of brand promos, save those longer videos for YouTube. People can subscribe to your channel on YouTube to keep up to date with all of your content (YouTube awards you for subscribers with money and awards! Facebook and LinkedIn don’t).

Keep leveraging that shorter video content for most of your social networks and keep longer formats for YouTube the home of video, you stand more of a chance of getting higher watch times on YouTube than anywhere else. YouTube is a perfect fit for tutorial based videos, product videos, brand promos, commercials, filmed podcasts etc.

YouTube Paid Ads…

You can also use those 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 shorter videos for paid ads on YouTube they work really well enticing audiences over to your longer video work (we will write a blog on that soon).

Top Tips:

If you are harboring tons of raw footage reuse it, build new campaigns from it and up your digital output now more than ever!

If you have longer promo videos cut them down and create shorter promo videos for social media platforms like Instagram & Tik Tok and Twitter to help promote the campaign and leverage audience (s).

Longer form content could also be repurposed and used to create new mini campaigns, reminder videos of products/services and promote new or exciting products/services.

Hire a good agency or editor who has experience in creating social media viral videos, repurposing old content to create new and has creative flare.

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