Why is great product photography and video vital to selling products online?

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We all buy stuff online whether it’s clothing, books, food, subscriptions, cars & houses! When you purchase items online whether that’s confectionary goods, clothes, drinks, watches and technology you are heavily reliant on the product pictures and videos to help you understand the products functionality, design, taste & texture. You also examine and rely on the product pictures and videos to help make the purchase decision easier and more straight forward. By having great online assets you increase your chances of building more customer emotion towards your products and increase sales online.

E-commerce has been winning the race against traditional means of retail for many years and with 93% of sales now happening online brands have to really step up their asset creation in order to drive product purchases and engage core audiences. Competition is high, buyers take seconds to decide on a product purchase online so make sure your assets look flawless. 

Product Video 

In an online study 71% of customers prefer video over other marketing content to help them make purchase decisions. A whooping 92% of marketers who use video say it’s an important part of their marketing strategy (Hubspot, 2019). Video can be a great driver for product identity and acts as a fantastic sales tool aiding in converting users online. Video offers versatility and can say everything about your product in a 15 second product video clip if done right. It must engage, excite and spark an emotion connection with your potential customers. Once this is executed, retention and repeat custom can be achieved as the more inventive and laser focused you are on your products USP’s the more you can differentiate from your competitors and win more business.

If you want to explain to customers what your products can do for them and how they can change their lives you need to get that across in a video very quickly. If you want to explain to customers how to use your products or how to get the most out of them, again this has to be fast and concise.

Think about flow of the video, the tempo, is it going to be really fast cuts or will it be slower and more concentrated?How do want it to start and finish? How will the lighting be moody or light? How do you want the products to look and feel? How do you want the person watching it to feel?

We can work with you and help you decide all of that!

The 3 main areas for product videos that we focus on are: 

Explainer Videos ‘How To’:





Table Top:





Product Photography 

Photographs have the ability to evoke an emotional response from customers. Pictures also communicate information faster than text alone and provide context to what the product is in more detail, offering a more immersive experience for customers. You want to enrich, immerse, inspire & provoke a sales response from your customers when they see your product photography, ensure it looks attractive, people buy with their eyes and heart. It could be the best product in the world but if it doesn’t show that through the pictures you might loose opportunities for product sales.

Buying Stage

Purchases happen when customers create an emotional connection with your products. By using exciting, seductive, product enhancing photography you can really help to build connection and emotion from customers which leads to sales. Don’t be afraid to tell stories with your products through photography and show character and identity customers love this as it show uniqueness. Make sure the pictures look clean and don’t over encumber the pictures with unnecessary props this can scare customers unless they relate to the products.

Want to enhance your product assets by booking a shoot with us?!

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Choose a date for your shoot.

Step 2. Call with our head of creative to discuss art direction, look & feel for shoot.

Step 3. Send us your products to our London / Suffolk / LA in-house studios.

Step 4. We complete the shoot and send you the finished assets 2-3 days post shoot.

On the day of the shoot we offer a ‘live’ service where we send you shots of the products in real time so you can see how everything looks and have direct input.

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